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Chen studied performance of entertainment in his senior

high school, through back to the time, when he was the

captain of ballroom dance team, the ultimate goal is to

sharing “joy” to the audience. When he was 19 years old,

Chen got the first chance to present his choreography to

the public dance platform, since that he knows there’s

something more worth to create for life.

Chen has been involved in several platforms for young choreographers

since he was 19 years old. After graduating from National Taiwan

University of Arts in 2014, he joined Taiwan's biggest dance company,

<Cloud Gate 2> as a dancer and participated in international festivals in

Sadler's Wells in London and New York City Center theater.

In 2018, Chen left the company to pursue a residency project in

Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris through Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

On the same year, he won the third place at the Gdańsk dance solo

competition in Poland, 2019 he participated Yokohama dance collection

competition I and won the juries encouragement price. 

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